Bring a touch of the forest to your home with the Woodland Set - featuring one of each of our newest Woodland Wall Art pieces, in the most commonly requested wood options:


    • Badger - Black Oak (painted)
    • Fox - Oak
    • Hedgehog - Walnut


    Made from our sustainable sourced, high quality 6mm or 9mm thick Oak veneer, Walnut veneer and black painted Oak veneer.


    This set of 3 are available in a range of size options - 20cm tall, 30cm tall, 45cm tall and 60cm tall.


    We can also make the animals in a different mix of wood types if you would prefer - e.g. two black and one oak, or all oak etc. Just leave a note when you order to say if you would like anything different. If no note is left, we will assume that you would like the pieces in the wood options stated (as per the photos).


    As with all of our wooden products - we are working with natural materials and so each item may be unique in terms of the wood shade and grain. 


    We supply some strips of a strong double sided 3m tape with orders, and with larger items we supply wall tacks - these can be used to mount the pieces to you wall if you wish, or you may prefer to use an alternative way of mounting them. 

    Geometric Woodland - Set of 3

    • Size Options
      20cm ( 7.9") high - 6mm thick 

      30cm (11.8") high - 6mm thick 

      45cm (17.7") high - 9mm thick 

      60cm (23.6") high - 9mm thick 

      For full sizes of each animal head please see individual listings. 

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