• Perfect for any nursery or children's bedroom - our personalised Wooden Door Name will add that special touch on any door, or can be used as wall decor too.


    These are available in four different wood types: birch, oak, walnut  or a painted black oak option - you can customise the perfect wood finish to suit the room decor. Our wood is prepared in house with varnish where appropriate and has a depth of 6mm. 


    Please note the wood grain and shade of the wood may vary from that shown in the pictures as this is natural wood we are working with.


    When you have selected the wood type, you then need to select how many letters are in the name or word you wish to be created for you. i.e. for "evelyn" you would select "6 Letters" in the drop down box above.


    If you would have a name that you would like to be made in the largest size possible, which will be as close to 60cm wide as we can make it - please select the "Maximum Size" option in the Number of Letters Required drop down box.


    Finally, leave us the name (or word) for personalisation in the notes box provided. Please ensure that you check your spelling, as we will make your order as per this note so please double check - including upper or lower case letters. Please also note that words or names using all uppercase (capital letters) e.g. "WILLIAM" do not work with this style of font. If the name is left in this format, we will default to making it with just an uppercase first letter, e.g. "William".


    Mock Up
    We are more than happy to provide you with a mock up design either before you order, or before we make the product for you, in fact we prefer to do this as then we are fully confident that you will be satisfied with your final product. Please just leave a note at checkout or get in touch on the messages or email and we can arrange this for you easily. By receiving a mock up, you will know the exact dimensions of the name/word you have selected, and can see how a name will look in that particular font.

    Personalised Door Name - Earth Font

    Wood Type
    Number of Letters Required
    • Materials:

      Made from either Birch, Oak or Walnut Veneer Wood - all 6mm in depth. 



      Names vary in length depending on the number of letters in the name/word selected. Each name will come out at a different length and height dependent on the letters used with glyphs (such as y, p, h etc).


      As a guide this font will usually produce a name between 11cm - 16cm in height. The length of the word will be a maximum of 60cm wide, as this is the largest we can produce. To give an example, "arthur" in this font is 44cm wide and 12cm in height. 


      We recommend using 3M removable backing tape for fixing to walls.

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