• This wooden viking symbol has been designed, laser cut and beautifully hand finished by us at Bear & Rose in the UK. The double layer adds an extra element of depth to this beautiful piece of wall art.

    The Helm of Awe is an ancient viking symbol - In the Viking era, warriors would wear the symbol between their brows as a sign of strength in battle, believing that it would grant them victory. The trident looking arms of the symbol are Z runes which symbolize protection and victory in battle. The Helm of Awe was also said to provide mental and spiritual protection as well as physical. The circle in the center is meant to symbolize the protection of those bearing the Helm of Awe.

    Available in a range of wood veneers using high quality sustainable sourced 6mm thick Birch plywood, Oak veneer, Walnut veneer or a black painted Oak option.

    We provide everything needed for immediate wall mounting - including strips of a strong 3M double sided tape and wall tacks.

    Size Options - Metric

    30cm wide x 30cm high - 12mm thick

    45cm wide x 45cm high - 12mm thick 

    60cm wide x 60cm high - 12mm thick

    As with all of our wooden items, we are working with a natural material and so the grain and shade of the wood may vary from piece to piece.

    Viking Symbol Layered Shield - Helm of Awe

    Wood Options

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