• Add an extra touch of magic this Christmas...


    Our Bear and Rose exclusively hand drawn, designed and created Santa's Magic Key is made from 6mm oak veneer, and embellished with a faux suede cord and walnut, oak and pearl festive tokens.


    The engraved oak tag say's "Santa's Magic Key" on one side, and will be personalised on the other side with the name of your choice. We recommend no more than two names on each key tag, and so if you have more than two children perhaps the family name would work better. So examples would be "Isla" or "Thea & Arthur" or "The Websters".


    Santa's Magic Key

    • The key and tag are made from 6mm oak veneer wood and engraved with detail and personalisation.

      The key measures 20cm x 6cm.

      The tag measures 7cm x 3.5cm.

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