Bring a touch of the wild and fun to your home with the Geometric Llama Head!


    Available in a range of wood veneers using high quality sustainable sourced 6mm or 9mm thick Oak veneer, Walnut veneer or a black painted Oak option.


    Size Options - Metric

    20cm high x 9cm wide - 6mm thick

    30cm high x 14cm wide - 6mm thick

    45cm high x 20cm wide - 9mm thick

    60cm high x 28cm wide - 9mm thick

    100cm high x 46cm wide - 9mm thick


    Size Options - Imperial

    7.9" high x 3.5" wide - 0.24" thick

    11.8" high x 5.5" wide - 0.24" thick

    17.7" high x 7.9" wide - 0.35" thick

    23.6" high x 11.0" wide - 0.35" thick

    39.5" high x 18.1" wide - 0.35" thick


    Geometric Llama

    Material Options

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