• Add that tropical vibe to any living space with the Bear and Rose Monstera Leaves!


    These are exclusive designs to Bear and Rose, and we make and finish these in our workshop. The Monstera Leaves are all made from sustainably sourced 6mm thick wood veneer, with the options being oak, walnut or a painted black oak.

    If you would like the set to come in any different wood combinations (e.g. All oak) just leave a note when you order.


    Size 1 - Smallest leaf is 15cm (5.9") high. Largest leaf is 30cm (11.8") high. Made from 6mm (0.24") thick wood.


    Size 2 - Smallest leaf is 22.5cm (8.9") high. Largest leaf is 45cm (17.7") high. Made from 9mm (0.35") thick wood.


    Size 3 - Smallest leaf is 30cm (11.8") high. Largest leaf is 60cm (23.6") high. Made from 9mm (0.35")  thick wood.

    Geometric Monstera Leaves - Set of 3


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