The Stag was a must have to include in the Woodland Geometric range - our original stag head was so popular and we think this one will be too! Perfect for any rustic or woodland theme room. We think this will look especially beautiful in a woodland theme nursery or child's room. 


    Available in a range of wood veneers using high quality sustainable sourced 6mm or 9mm thick Birch plywood, Oak veneer, Walnut veneer or a black painted Oak option.


    Add alongside the wolf and/or bear to complete the set.


    Size Options - Metric
    20cm high x 14cm wide - 6mm thick 

    30cm high x 21cm wide - 6mm thick 

    45cm high  x 32cm wide - 9mm thick 

    60cm high x 42cm wide - 9mm thick 

    84cm high x 60cm wide - 9mm thick


    Size Options - Imperial
    7.9" high x 5.5" wide - 0.24" thick 

    11.8" high x 8.3" wide - 0.24" thick 

    17.7" high  x 12.6" wide - 0.35" thick 

    23.6" high x 16.5" wide - 0.35" thick 

    33.1" high x 23.6" wide - 0.35" thick

    Geometric Stag

    Material Options
    • Size Options - Metric

      • 20cm high x 18cm wide - 6mm thick 
      • 30cm high x 27cm wide - 6mm thick 
      • 45cm high x 41cm wide - 9mm thick
      • 60cm high x 55cm wide - 9mm thick 

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