• A completely unique design to Bear and Rose, these fossil themed wooden wall plaques make the perfect wall decor for any budding paleontologist's room!

    £7.50 each (Regular size - 15cm tall)
    £14 each (Large size - 20cm tall)
    £22.50 each (XL size - 30cm tall)

    We create a hexagonal shaped piece of oak wood, and engrave the selected dinosaur fossil design into it. The fossil design is deeply etched down into the wood, adding a realistic texture. Little hands will love touching and feeling these pieces of art - they feel as amazing as they look!

    The hexagonal shape of the plaques give lots of options for displaying these as a set - choose a honeycomb style formation or stack in a straight line, it adds to the uniqueness of the wall art. Pick and choose your favourite designs, or grab a deal by adding a set of 5, 7 or 9 to your basket and then leave us a note to say which designs/dinosaurs you would like. 

    Size - Metric
    Regular - 13cm high x 15cm wide x 6mm thick
    Large - 17.3cm high x 20cm wide x 6mm thick
    XL - 26cm high x 30cm wide x 6mm thick

    Size - Imperial
    Regular - 5.1" high x 5.9" wide - 1/4" thick
    Large - 6.8" high x 7.9" wide x 1/4" thick
    XL - 10.2" high x 11.8" wide x 1/4" thick

    We supply some strips of a really strong 3M double sided tape with the plaques, which we find is a simple and quick solution for mounting them to the wall. You can choose to use any other mounting tape if you prefer.

    As per all our wooden items - as we are working with a natural material the wood grain and shade may vary from piece to piece and may not be exactly as seen in the photos.

    Dinosaur Fossil Hexagonal Wooden Wall Plaque

    Size (Height)

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