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Using the supplied 3M tape to mount your Bear and Rose wall decor

Updated: Jul 16

Every wall art order we send includes wall mounting pins and tape. If possible we recommend using the pins, as they will make it easier to reposition your purchase if you want to. However sometimes that's not possible - or you don't want to - so here's a step by step guide to mounting your piece using the supplied mounting tape.

1. There's a brown envelope in your order, containing strips of very strong double sided tape. You can use these to attach your item to a wall, door or other surface. The tape is very strong so you only need a very small amount.

2. Cut the tape into small pieces about 1cm long.

3. Peel off the yellow backing so one sticky side is exposed.

4. Place several of these on the back of your wall decor item. You'll need to give a good spread of tape across the whole item; some each end, some top and bottom, and some in the centre.

4. This is the tricky bit! Carefully peel off the shiny red backing on the tape, it may take several goes but it really does peel off! Peel the backing off all of the tape you've used.

5. Press the item firmly to the wall or surface.

6. All done! Step back and admire.

7. Then post a picture to instagram and tag us :) @bearandrose

If you need more help, or your item has multiple pieces, you can read another blog post here on how to use templates to mount your wall decor item.


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