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This is not just packaging.

Updated: Aug 14

The rustle of our signature black tissue paper.

The 100% recyclable cardboard box that fits snugly round your item.

The woodsmoke smell of the limited edition seasonal token.

The smooth matte finish on the postcard enclosed.

The rattle of fixings in the kraft paper envelope.

The cardboard template holding larger items in place in transit.

This is not just packaging. This is Bear and Rose packaging.

You choose the perfect piece of wall art, and order a bespoke size and finish so that it enhances your home and fits your decor. You wait patiently (hopefully not too long!) for the doorbell to ring before you open the parcel, ready to hang your new purchase on your wall.

The last thing we want is that your order has been damaged and you're disappointed, so we continuously improve our packaging to ensure it has the best possible chance to arriving with you in the same condition it left us.

We frequently ship right across the globe, so we've developed our packaging to stand up to the journey.


Our smallest items are packed in lovely recyclable boxes. They're slim but sturdy, and hold their contents safe and secure inside.

Swipe through the slideshow below to see details:


Next up are medium pieces. Also packed in tissue and recyclable boxes. We also use biodegradable packing bubbles to fully protect your purchase. Take a look below to see more:


Our largest items get even more special treatment (is that even possible?!). We cut a cardboard template for each of the pieces, and this is sandwiched between layers of corrugated card to absorb any knocks. This card is then taped so nothing moves about, and dispatched asap. When you receive your package, remove the tape and all of the card is recyclable. We are working on a different tape, but need it to be pretty sturdy - so we'll keep going on that one. The great thing about the templates is you can use masking tape to attach that to the wall, and a spirit level to make sure it's straight. You can then attach the piece you've bought to the wall, and remove the template. More details on how to use the templates are available on this blog.

We've developed our packaging after listening to customer feedback over the last couple of years. So if there's anything we can improve, please do get in touch with us on

Fear not, in the unfortunate event that your order is damaged in transit due to circumstances beyond our control, please let us know within 24 hours of confirmed delivery - and photographs of the damaged item with the packaging would be appreciated. Please do make contact within this time period so we can sort a replacement for you as soon as possible.


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