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How to use Bear and Rose wall mounting templates

Updated: Jul 16

Sometimes our customers tell us that it’s not always so easy wall mounting the product they’ve bought. They want it to look the same as we’ve shown on our website or on social media. We’ve had a lot of practice though in spacing letters and words, and getting everything straight, but if it's your first time, or there are lots of letters, it's not always so simple.

We want to make buying and using our wall art as simple as possible. So we now include a paper template free in our standard range of wall decor designs with multiple pieces. This means you can hang them quickly and easily, and get it right first time.

For the following products, the template comes in the box with the wall decor; you don’t need to order it separately.

You can shop these items here:

You can also order a template for a bespoke name or word you’ve requested in our Comet font. Because these are one-off designs, there is a small charge for each template. The pieces this applies to are below:

You can shop these items here:

How do I use the template?

Just follow these steps and you’ll be done in no time.

1. The template comes as a piece of folded paper in your package. Take it out and unfold it as flat as you can.

2. Apply some bits of masking tape to the edges of the template so you can fix it to the wall without damaging the surface.

3. If you have one handy, we recommend using a laser level, spirit level, or the level tool on your phone (iphones have them built in). Align this along the top edge of your template to make sure it’s level.

4. Cut the 3M tape supplied into small strips, about 1cm long. There are instructions for that here.

5. Peel off the yellow backing and attach the strips of tape to the back of your wall art. You only need around three small strips of tape per piece of the design.

6. Peel off the red backing from all of the tape on a single piece of the design - for example a single letter.

7. Place that piece on the wall within the relevant place on the template.

8. Repeat for all pieces of your design.

9. Remove the template.

10. All done! Your wall decor will be level with the elements spaced perfectly. Step back and admire your handiwork!

11. Then you could always post a picture to instagram and tag us :) @bearandrose

You could also create your own template if you like.

  1. Stick together pieces of A4 paper to cover the whole area of your wall decor.

  2. Lay this out on a flat surface.

  3. Arrange your letters or elements together on the paper until you're happy. You can use a ruler or a set square to make sure everything lines up - depending on your chosen design.

  4. When you've decided on your layout, draw round each element with a pencil.

  5. Cut out each of the pieces you've drawn.

  6. Follow steps 1 - 11 above.

We'd love to see your wall decor in place, so please do get in touch!


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