Founded in June 2018, Bear and Rose is a family grown company headed by Sarah and James Webster. We live close to York, UK with our two beautiful little ones, Theadora who is almost 4 years old and Arthur who is almost 2.

Having repatriated back to the UK after spending the previous 4 years living in Saudi Arabia, and both of us suffering from health issues, a lifestyle change was called for and with that came a much needed career change.

We had a lot of ideas for home decor pieces, especially those for a nursery or child's room. We made the plunge and invested in the equipment that we needed to bring those ideas to life and in late August 2018 we took delivery of the machinery and began breathing life into our much loved designs.


Ranging from personalised keepsakes to simple but beautiful scandi style pieces, we run a theme through all of our products in line with the Bear and Rose brand. This carries through to our packaging style, which our customers adore. We find that it's the small but special touches which make our brand stand out from competition, and the care and attention we take when creating every product is what we value ourselves upon. 

2019 brought many changes to Bear and Rose. The main (and most scary/exciting!) change was moving from working in a custom built little workshop in our garden, and using our dining room as an office/packing room - to a Business Unit separate from our home. The extra space this gave us has meant we have also been able to invest heavily in new machinery and can now make much larger decor pieces, which is very exciting!

We specialise in decor for both the home and for events - mainly wall decor and nursery bespoke pieces, along with signs and decor for events such as weddings, birthdays, engagements etc.

Bear and Rose is now two years old...and we are so grateful for each and every customer for allowing our dream to come to life. Every single order and every piece of feedback from our customers are so valued. 

Thank you so much!

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